About Us

At Indiagate, the Indian food is showcased and celebrated by our skillful chefs using varied flavors and recipes from the rich & diverse regional cuisine found in India.

They bring together a mindful reverence of classic Indian fare and playful innovations that reflects a modern & progressive India. Our classic menu serves to every taste. Starters range from a heart-warming soup, and delicately spiced seafood, to a beautifully presented chaat, and robust kebabs. Main courses cover the gamut of cooking techniques and includes rich fare in Lamb, Chicken and Sea food. Vegetarians have a choice of traditional North Indian platter of vegetables and daal.

Indulge in mouth watering desserts like Gulab Jamun and Icecream. The food is complemented by an exciting and large collection of beers & wines in our well stocked bar. The new romantic interior combines sparkle & dramatic lighting, and etchings of Indian life and touched with vibrant color that invites guests to experience an atmosphere both elegant and chic.