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Indian food delivery in Bangkok

Are you in search of the authentic taste of India? Do your taste buds crave for the original flavours of the Indian spices? Do not let your appetite wait anymore! Search for the “Indian food near me in Bangkok” - and you will get the answer to satisfy your hunger!
And wait, wait, wait!
You can also order online Indian food in Bangkok!
Imagine! Just with a single click you could get your favourite dish at your doorstep with because we are one of the best food delivery restaurant in Bangkok.

  • Be it your birthday or anniversary,
  • Be it an inauguration or a treat,
  • Be it lunch or dinner dining at home,
  • Be it evening snacks or high tea,

Our Indian food delivery in Bangkok service will never fail to disappoint you.

How to order our authentic food

  • Go to https://www.indiagatebkk.com/ and click on the “Order Online” button. Enter the delivery address in the bar. If it is out of range, you will receive a pop-up notification.
  • On the left-most panel, choose from Indian, Chinese, Drinks, Desserts and Bar Menu. The dishes will scroll up automatically. Choose your favourites by clicking on ‘ADD’. On the right panel, you’ll see the total amount and billing process.
  • Don’t forget to add your coupon codes for discounts!
    Once satisfied with your order, Proceed to Checkout
    You can easily pay online via PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards

Food Delivery FAQs

How does Indiagate Food Delivery work?

The Indian food delivery in Bangkok by Indiagate restaurant has a fully secured payment gateway with a tracker with which you can find the exact location. How simple and fast is to get your favorite food order delivery!

Can I schedule an advance delivery?

Oh yes! Ofcourse!
We know that our food lovers are happy to plan in advance what they desire to relish! How easy it is?
You just need to select your order, click on ‘Order for Later’ tab and choose the date and time suitable to you. Once you schedule, click on ‘Place Order’ button and then leave it all onto us. We will make sure to deliver your meal.

How much time will it take for my food to get delivered?

Well, we do not like you to wait for your meal but there are some external factors that may affect the delivery. An average delivery time is 40 minutes. But, it totally depends upon the traffic, weather conditions and the distance of your location.

How do I know if the delivery option is available in my area?

No long procedure to be followed. Once you press the ‘Order Now’ button and enter your address, we will verify if the delivery service is available or not. In case it is not available, ‘Pick Up’ service is always available at our restaurant.

Is there any ‘Minimum Amount’ requirement to avail the delivery services?

There is a ‘Minimum Amount’ policy that the restaurant may take. However, there is no Minimum Order amount on takeaways. Also, please take a note that any kind of Delivery fees, tax or tip are not applicable to a Minimum Order policy.

Do you pass the delivery charges as a tip to the drivers?

No. Delivery charges are not paid as a tip to the drivers who deliver the food for you. Tips that are given to the drivers are not required. However, any tip given to the driver is appreciated but is completely voluntary.

How to edit, change or cancel the order?

You can directly have a word with the manager of the restaurant. You just need to give a call at the contact number of the restaurant.